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A Seinfeldian Moment

October 27, 2006

Gluttony, Harpo:49, 6006 YD

I had a rather Seinfeldian moment yesterday afternoon when I was in the coffee break room of the Head Temple of the Esoteric Order Of Eris with Dharma Jam. I was laughing about the paranoia now running rampant on a certain pagan message board I had been spending time on recently, and telling her how they had deleted an alt I had created (based on the Pumpkinite who attempted to abduct Count YooHoo in the summer) despite the fact that they had no evidence it was actually me.

“Can you image the nerve of banning someone because they thought it was me, but with no evidence?” I laughed.

“But, it IS you.” she stated, as she finished a crossword with one hand. In ink.

“Yes,” I said. “but, they don’t KNOW that. It’s really nervy. I’m going to have Faux Sloatman write a letter of outrage.”

“But,” she said again. “It IS YOU.”

I smiled. “I’m all types of people.”

Paganism Is The New Stalinism

September 1, 2006

I can’t decide whether its completely refreshing, or utterly depressing.

I had always thought of the pagan community as being somehow more on the ball than the run-of-the-mill ‘average’ community, I suppose since they have decided to live on the outskirts of what is considered ‘normal’ in our Western world I always felt a sort of a kinship with them, as I do with all outsiders, rebels, and underdogs . . . I guess its the oral aspect of my nature.

Recently, however, I have been forced to the conclusion that not only is the Pagan Community no less rigid and ruled than the average religions, but possibly more so. If the only fundie you’ve come across is Christian, let me tell you that you haven’t truly encountered a fundie to the full extent yet . . . a pagan fundie is an entirely different can of worms. They will tell you that they respect all pagan religions but, of course, that is never true. If your form of paganism is based around a god or goddess who doesn’t jive with what they consider pagan you had better watch out, because they can turn right-wing religious fundamental on you in the length of time it takes to snap down a tarot card.

My experience of late is based on my time on a prominent Pagan message board, and despite the fact that Discordianism was discovered, invented, or revived in the late 1950’s (depending on which story you believe), WELL WELL WELL before paganism was embraced and revived in the 1970s and 1980s it holds little to no respect with the absolutely average pagan.

It just goes to show what I get for making sweeping assumptions about entire groups. Which, of course, I am doing again right now, I’m not unaware of the fact . . . and of course even what I’m saying now isn’t entirely the truth, just an aspect of it, but it is my subjective opinion at the moment and I am going with it.

It is only now that I can say I fully understand the adage that a ‘cynic is only a wounded optimist’, because brother, I took it in the eye, and it is sticky and I don’t like it.

Do I have a point, my brothers and sisters? I suppose my point is “Walk softly, carry a big stick, trust nobody, and wear a hardhat – just in case.”

I’m going to go burn a wicker man now.