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Verthaine Alive!

September 8, 2005

Someone heard from Verthaine down in New Orleans! He’s alive.

I knew Katrina didn’t have it in her to take him down.

Hail Eris. All Hail Discordia.


September 6, 2005

My friend Verthaine is still missing in New Orleans. If it were other people I would be scared shitless and weeping, but if anyone can battle a hurricane and walk out laughing, it’s V.

Of all the people I met on the Principia Discordia forums Verthaine is the best, not only is he friendly to all newbies, but he is beyond knowledgeable when it comes to matters of Eris. He founded the Church of Eris on this planet, and is a member of the Church in all realities known to me.

I await the day Verthaine makes his appearance back on the boards.

This is a pic, if you see him on tv, let me know:

Hope you’re ok, dude.

"It’s Chaos!"

September 3, 2005

In the coverage of the New Orleans disaster I have heard a minimum of five different newscasters describe the situation down there as “It’s chaos!” . . . well, yes . . . but EVERYthing is chaos. A flower growing in a field is part of chaos. A horse running down a road is part of chaos. A fire eating up a house is part of chaos. A riot is part of chaos, and so is the end of the riot.

What they really mean is that disorder is ruling down there, for the time being, not chaos.

Chaos was always there.