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On This Day In 1474,

January 17, 2006

“A cock was tried in Basel for having laid an egg. It was condemned to death, and both cock and egg were burnt at the stake on a hill called the Kohlenberg, with all due ceremony, witnessed by an immense crowd. The fatal cockatrice, which was supposed to issue a cock’s egg when hatched, could be used for contacting the evil spirits, so the cock which gave it birth was dreaded as dangerous purveyor to His satanic Majesty. Animals were frequently executed for various offences in medieval times. “

So, basically, things are much much less silly now.


On This Day In 1829!

October 5, 2005

On October 5th 1829, the schooner “Mermaid” sailed from Sydney, Australia, but sank in a tremendous storm on the fifth day out from port.

All hands survived, and were rescued off a rock by the “Swiftsure”, which was then dashed on rocks five days later.

The “Governor Ready” rescued both crews, but caught fire and was abandoned.

Everyone was rescued by the “Comet” which sank five days later, and all hands were rescued by the “Jupiter”, which struck a reef two days later.

Everyone was rescued by the “City of Leeds”. On board was one Sarah Richley, sailing from England in search for her lost son.

‘By chance’ her son was one of the crew on the “Mermaid”.