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Go West!

October 13, 2006

Gluttony, Harpo:35, 6006 YD

There is a town which is now strongly calling the Baron’s name . . .

I have always enjoyed people who didn’t take politics in an overly serious manner, after all I completely agree with the late Dr. Leary that the only rational way to discuss politics is “on all fours”, so it was with immense pleasure that I found out that the town of Florissant, Colorado has an ass as its mayor.

Yes, a donkey.

His name is Paco Bell.

Any town with enough humour and disrespect for politics to elect a donkey as mayor is a town that I would love. I wonder if they have room for my distillery?

And, before you try to argue that the election was fixed with some sort of rigged balloting system which can’t be traced (does that happen?) let me report to you that there were indeed other candidates, two of which didn’t bother to show up, and another donkey named Birdie. They certainly have a great respect for asses in Florissant, maybe I could win the vote too?