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WTF Is A Mangina?!?

September 14, 2005

Mangina is a very bizarre girl I used to date around the time I should have been going to high school. Instead, I was trying to put together a ‘school of hard knocks’ with some of the other teens who were too cool for school, but it kept falling apart because the others were just into smacking people with planks of wood.

I was not interested in a School of Slapstick, as it was always my least favourite circuit of humour. Mangina was the only person who was on my side about that . . . she was almost 35 at the time, which would probably make her about 50 now . . . she was into the idea of the school of hard knocks being about trying to get people to do extrememly stupid things to see if they would just because you asked them to. This was basically her form of teaching, she would ask you to do something like smoke a cheap cigar with the plastic wrap still on it, and when you did and got violently sick she would laugh and scream “WELL?? DIDJA LEARN ANYTHING SPACE-CASE?”

Gawd, I loved her.

The last time I saw her was at the Ex where she jumped into a hot-air balloon just taking off, she turned back to me and shouted out “MAY YOU HAVE BATS IN YOUR BELFRY FOREVERMORE!” and was gone, with some guy who looked like Fabio. Sigh.

School of hard knocks, indeed.