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Vacation Reflections

July 25, 2005

I feel like I keep restating the same thing over and over lately, what with my reflections on Apostasia Gloriana and Smug Hank’s wedding recently, and now this . . . but if it’s true, it’s true.

Spent an amazing week near the water . . . collected my wits, relaxed, got sunburnt, talked, laughed, ate, smoke, drank, and was merry. The older I get, those are the only things that seem to matter. I haven’t spent that much time with St. Ray and St.Babs since I lived with them, and it made me sort of miss it. It would be worth considering if Dharma Jam was able to be there, as she was last week.

To close, let me say that if you ever wish to view chaos in its most obvious form, look no further than your closest beach. Watching the waves splash in over and over was mesmerizing, and chaos was evident in each and every wave. Just try to guess where the next one will hit, or how tall it will be. I dare you.

No, I triple dog dare you.

Hail Eris.

Celebrate Good Times

June 27, 2005

Great weekend of fun and celebrations as Apostasia Gloriana, Keeper of the Weeeee! and Smug Hank got married . . . it really makes you appreciate the idea of friends, family and celebration . . . I can’t truly say I had any mind-blowing realizations, but there were a couple times I found myself consciously aware that I was happy to have such good friends who I can consider family without getting too gushy.

I have a great family, and a large extended family, and my life is very good. I was reminded of something I believe Kafka said about find endless astonishment at simply observing a group of people cheerfully gathered.

Congrats AG and SH!

Hail Eris – All Hail Discordia!