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One Less Canadian

January 24, 2006

I’ve never really considered myself belonging to any “nation” – the idea of some person arbitrarily drawing imaginary lines around areas of land and then telling people “you live in country A, and the person over there lives in country B.” has always seemed ridiculous to me.

But, despite that, today I have decided to renounce whatever nationality I did possess: I am no longer Canadian.

I may live within the borders of what is considered Canada, but I am not a member.

I will not call Stephen ‘anything for a chuckle’ Harper my Prime Minister. I refuse. He may be your Prime Minister, but he is certainly not mine.

When I can afford it I will be moving to Chad.

So long, suckers.

My Top Five Greyfaces

June 29, 2005

1) Stephen Harper, Leader of “Progressive” Conservatives Party

2) Jerry Falwell, “model” X-tian

3) James Randi, professional skeptic

4) Tucker Carlson, all around jerk-off

5) Ben Shapiro, author of “Porn Generation” and pro-censorship advocate

Hail Eris!