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Jim Carrey On The 23 Enigma:

February 26, 2007

Pride, Groucho:25, 6006 YD

“A friend of mine in Canada handed it down to me because he saw it everywhere,” Carrey says. “Then he gave me a book of 23 phenomena, which listed all the strange dates and odd occurrences. I thought he was crazy. But then I started seeing 23 everywhere.

“It entered my life in a big way,” he says. “Suddenly I started driving all of my friends crazy.”

Then someone mentioned Psalm 23, the Biblical poem with the passage “The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want. . . . Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil.”

“It’s basically about living without fear and knowing that you’re taken care of,” Carrey says.

Suddenly things made sense to Carrey, to such an extent that he even changed the name of his production company from Pitbull Productions to JC23.

“I was on the Net talking to someone about changing the name of my company to JC23,” Carrey recalls, “and my friend talked about that psalm. . . . about the ‘valley of the shadow of death.’ At the same time, another friend walked into my office with a newspaper . . . that had a big headline that read, ‘Death Valley Blooms.’ It was the first time in 100 years that it did bloom because of extraordinary rain. Those seeds were waiting for 100 years.

“I thought: ‘How fitting. I think I’m on a weird and special journey here,’ ” Carrey says.

Then he got a phone call that turned things a little spooky.

“I was explaining this company-name change to another friend,” the actor says, “and he said: ‘That’s funny. I just wrote a script about the number 23.’ I was totally freaked out. The first page of the script had me as this animal catcher capturing a pit bull. I went from Pitbull Productions to JC23, and the reason was not lost on me.

“The writer even told me to turn to the 23 rd page in his script and then asked me to start circling every 23 rd word on that page. It was written like a code that was really cool.”

Carrey has a folder of pictures he took to document “23 incidents.”

“I took these with my camera phone,” Carrey says. “Look, here’s a tow truck from when my car broke down, with a 23 on the side. It’s the 23 rd truck in their fleet. I got the driver to take a picture of me with it. Look at the car in front of us in the picture. He has a 23 on his license plate.

“When I got to the hotel room here,” he continues, “I was put in Room 1223. I look out my terrace, and the awning across the street is for the address 323. And then I ordered some breakfast, and there was a 23 written on my pancakes.

“OK, I made the last one up,” he says, laughing. “But the rest is true, and it’s eerie and freaky.”

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The Number 23

November 20, 2006

Pride, Harpo:73, 6006 YD

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The Secret Of The Number 23

June 23, 2006

The secret of the number 23 is:

-the secret of science

-the secret of magick

-the secret of the Law of Fives

-the secret of tarot

-the secret of bible interpretation

-the secret of film interpretation

-the secret of art interpretation

-the secret of art

-the secret of rorschach tests

-the secret of metaprogramming

-the secret of body dismorphia

-the secret of consciousness

-the secret of bigotry

-the secret of Finnegans Wake

-the secret of poetry

-the secret of palmistry

-the secret of optimism

-the secret of history interpretation

-the secret of music appreciation

-the secret of beauty

-the secret of hermeticism

-the secret of sadness

-the secret of happiness

It Will All Come When It Comes

June 23, 2005


On a different note:

Have no fear – I have not abandoned you all, my children . . . I have been busy lately with a lot of jazz and haven’t been able to form intelligent thoughts (or what passes as intelligent thought for me, anyway), and I feel it is better to write when you have something to say, rather than just natter on . . .

But do not dispair, I am in the works of compling discordian writings and hope to be finished by the end of July.

Of course, as a Discordian, or Erisian, or Chaoist, or whatever I want to refer to myself as today, I feel no need to pressure myself . . . Like the Happy Hooker said to the Pope: “It will all come when it comes.”

Hail Eris.

23 Enigmas

May 23, 2005

Today is the 23rd.

Some 23 enigmas (some more ‘true’ than others) for you:

The human biorhythm is 23 days long. Though Hermann Swoboda and Wilhelm Fliess, the two doctors who first posited biorhythm, did determine that a human’s ‘physical cycle’ was 23 days long, biorhythmics is at best a highly speculative and subjective area of study.

It takes 23 seconds for blood to circulate throughout the entire body. Blood is a suspension and does not flow at the same rate for all of its components. Furthermore, there is no single path blood takes when it circulates. For both these reasons, verification is both difficult and meaningless.

Each parent contributes 23 chromosomes to the DNA of a child. True.
The human arm has 23 joints in it. Unconfirmed, and confirmation depends on the definition of joint.

On average, every 23rd wave on a beach will be twice the size of the average wave. False. This idea exists in many parts of the world, with varying numbers of waves.

Earth’s axis is off by 23.5 degrees. Dubious at best. For one, this is a case of stretched applicability, and it depends on using the arbitrary figure of a circle having 360 degrees to come up with an answer even close to 23.
Earth’s period of rotation is really 23 hours and 56 minutes, not exactly 24 hours. (That’s 4 minutes shorter than a day since a day is defined as the time between two noons on the same meridian, which is slightly longer than the period of rotation because meanwhile the Earth is revolving around the Sun.)

The first Moon landing, Apollo 11 was in the Sea of Tranquility at 23.63 degrees East. The second landing, Apollo 12, was in the Ocean of Storms, 23.42 degrees West. Also, 11 + 12, the numbers of the missions, add up to 23. Again, this is stretched as far as the degrees, and there are at least 11 pairs of integers that add to 23, not counting negative integers or zero.

December 23, 2012 is the date the Mayan calendar ends, predicting an apocalyptic event. The Mayan calendar’s “Long Count” does indeed end on either the 21st or 23rd of December of 2012, depending on calculation.
Both the ancient Egyptian and Sumerian calendars begin on 23 July. Both calendars were apparently calculated from the date of the heliacal rising of Sirius, which does occur at that latitude around that time of year.

William Shakespeare was born on 23 April, died on 23 April and had his first portfolio published in 1623. His first play Titus Andronicus was performed January 23rd 1594. Though the last three statements are true, his actual date of birth remains unconfirmed (see his article for more information).

Julius Caesar was stabbed 23 times when he was assassinated. True.

The Prophet Muhammad taught and received the wisdom of God for 23 years. There exist hadith that support this figure, but many more that give other lengths of time.

The Knights Templar had 23 Grand Masters, the last being Jacques de Molay. True.

The first song on the first side of the first Beatles album took 23 takes. That would be “I Saw Her Standing There” from Please Please Me, but in reality, the song that took the most takes was “Love Me Do,” at fifteen.

John F. Kennedy was assassinated on November 22, 1963 and his supposed assassin — Lee Harvey Oswald — was assassinated on November 24, 1963, the 23rd being in between. True.

If you add up all the digits in 9/11/2001 you get 23. Not exactly, this is another stretching. To make 23, add “11” as normal, but “2001” must be added as the numbers “2” and “1”.

Michael Jordan’s uniform number was 23 when he played for the Chicago Bulls. True

David Beckham wears the number 23 shirt for Real Madrid. True.

On a normal arabic alphabet keyboard, the 23rd letter W is right below and between 2 and 3. True.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt contains of 23 letters. True.

Pi’s first six digits (3.14159) added together equal 23. True.

Caesar Augustus was born on 23 September. True.

Volkswagen’s VW logo contains the roman numeral V (2+3=5) and the 23rd letter W. Volkswagen is based in Wolfsburg which starts with the 23rd letter. True.

666 is said to be taken from 2/3 = 0.666. Very unlikely; see the article Number of the Beast for its history.

John D. Rockefeller died on 23 May. True.

Hagbard (Karl Koch), German hacker and inventor of the trojan horse spyware, died on 23 May. Probable, but not definite. Also most likely a suicide, with the date chosen intentionally to fit this numerology.