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All Work And No Play Makes Hoopla A Dull Boy

November 16, 2006

Envy, Harpo:69, 6006 YD

This has been a very strange week. I decided last week that I wouldn’t work on Pride anymore, so that I can have more time to work on writing and illustration, etc. This past Pride was the first one I had off, and then out of the blue two possible illustration jobs plop into my lap – both on the same day (the 14th by the Gregorian calendar, which adds up to 5, natch) to boot . . . clearly somebody liked my decision to work less and play more.

Try it yourself, if you’re able – who knows what may transpire.

Grant Me Strength

December 9, 2005


Grant me the strength to not stick a fork in the Owner’s eyeball tonight as he begins his fifteenth ‘joke’ of the night. Remind me that he is invoking the sacred Dean Martin roasts of old, and that a bad sense of humour is better than no sense of humour at all.

Although just barely.

Grant me the strength to smile tight-lipped and with clenched teeth while I pretend to be nice to the yahoos I work with. Remind me that work is work and life is life and never the two shall meet.

Grant me the strength to hold back the spicey comments I have been holding inside for the better part of two years once the liquid-personality begins to flow. Remind me that I am a Discordian and not a Dionysian.

XMas parties are the work of the devil. Get thee behind me, Santa.

Hail Eris, please Grant Me Strength.

A Spoke In The Wheel

October 17, 2005

More and more often I find myself asking “Why am I doing this bullshit?” and then telling myself “You can do other things, you know, you don’t need to be a spoke in the wheel.”

And you know what? I’m right.

I don’t need to be a spoke in the wheel, and I’m not going to be anymore. I have begun to put plans into motion to get the Baron out of this Factory of Evil, and doing what he should have been doing all along (if your guess to what he should have been doing all along was speaking in the third person, you are only awarded half points) . . .

Stay tuned.

Same Hoopla Time, same Hoopla channel.